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About Us

Welcome to the True Flavor of New Mexico

The green chiles produced in Southern New Mexico are a treasure, and through our sales and marketing efforts, we have worked hard to share this New Mexico treasure with consumers across the country. Our company was founded in Albuquerque in 1987, and with the support of the Hatch Chile (Growers) Association, Hatch, NM, we obtained federal trademark registrations for our green chile products. We are proud of our native roots, and we value our ties to New Mexico.

Most of the HATCH Select branded green chiles are sourced from local chile growers near the Village of Hatch and throughout Southern New Mexico. In most years, the New Mexico green chile harvest occurs from late July to early October. During harvest, green chiles are picked by hand and delivered to the production facility for processing. At the green chile production plant, the fresh peppers are washed, steam peeled, fire roasted, and packed within 24 hours of picking. This process helps ensure that HATCH Select branded green chiles have the best flavor and freshest taste of any green chile available on the market. Hatch Chile Company is indeed New Mexico True.

The Hatch Chile Company is more than just a green chile company, and over the years, we have worked hard to expand our product line to include other Southwestern food products including jalapeño peppers, enchilada sauces and salsas. Our focus has always been on the superior quality and flavor of our products. We were the first national company to eliminate monosodium glutamate (MSG) from our enchilada sauce formulations, and we are still leading the way with Certified Gluten Free (GF) and NON-GMO Project Verified enchilada sauces. So the next time you are in your local grocery store, try one of our HATCH branded enchilada sauces or salsas. We are confident that we will quickly become and remain your “go-to” Southwestern food brand.

We are committed to continuing to build a premier Southwestern food brand and becoming the largest ambassador of New Mexican food products in the nation. The HATCH and HATCH Select brands are currently distributed in supermarkets and grocery stores in all fifty U.S. states. We continue to work hard and to grow our sales and to expand our distribution each and every day, year after year.

Steve Dawson,


Marvin K. Tucson, AZ

We have been using your Hatch products for as long as we have lived in the Southwest.  The Whole Green Chiles are a favorite for casseroles!